Cissus 20x (Powder)



Reduces hunger and appetite,

Increases metabolism,

Relieves joint pain

Earn up to 200 Points.


Cissus Powder 20x Extract 

Cissus is the new trending, effective, all-natural way to help lose weight!

Royal Canadian’s Cissus Powder Extract provides you with pure, highly concentrated Cissus Quadrangular is for the support of your fitness journey. Its increased concentration gives you increased absorption, effectiveness, and results. It helps to equip you with more energy, heal bone injuries, control your appetite, and regulate your blood sugar on top of strengthening your overall health! Feel confident in knowing every batch is consistently tested for quality, steam sterilized, and without added preservatives, sweeteners, MSM, or additives.

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100 g, 300g, 500g


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