Women’s Probiotic


Women’s Probiotic 

Normalize vaginal pH levels,

Antioxidant effects,

Improves intestinal health,

Relieves vaginitis


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Keep your feminine health at its best!

With 10 different strains, cranberry, and a total of 20 BILLION specially chosen probiotics for your body to love, Women’s Probiotic will restore gut and vaginal health, lower LDL cholesterol, prevent recurring UTIs, and along other amazing benefits. It can especially help those who have been taking antibiotics by the healthy bacteria that became out of balance in the process of taking antibiotics, and also helps bacteria in the digestive system. Women’s Probiotic is perfect for those wanting to improve their female health and was specially formulated to serve you the best benefits and keep you at your best.

The 10 Probiotic strains in Royal Canadian’s Women’s multi probiotic are derived from human plant, and dairy sources. Each strain is selected for its ability to inhibit pathogens that commonly cause UTIs from sticking to the walls of the intestinal, vaginal, and urinary tract.

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700mg x 120 cap


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